Sunday, April 15, 2012

Internationalists of "Welcome to Palestine" arrested in Tel Aviv

Welcome to Palestine is an internationalist intiative to attempt break the Zionist genocidal grapple over the destiny of the Palestinian people by sending volunteers to collaborate with the natives, something every day more difficult under the racist Zionist regime.

The initiative, while humanitarian (they will help build a school in Bayt Lahm - Bethlehem) attempts to breach the de facto blockade of the Zionist regime towards the West Bank by openly declaring that they are going to Palestine (people have to lie and pretend to go to "Israel" in order to arrive to the West Bank).

Last year in response to this initiative, the Zionist apartheid regime created a black list of 324 passengers, to whom airlines impeded access at airports of origin. Some 120 however managed to enter. 

This year the first arrivals from the Spanish state have found mixed results: all three were arrested but while Maite Santamaría (Welcome to Palestine Donostia) was eventually allowed in, Julio Rodríguez Bueno (United Left) and Teresa Salas (Paz Ahora) were deported back to origin. 

Welcome to Palestine is supported by renowned people like Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky and many others (see list at the bottom of the WtP link).

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