Friday, April 13, 2012

After Mali, Guinea-Bissau suffers pre-election coup

The military of the small West African state has taken over the capital and the media but issued no communication.

Unlike in Mali, Guinea-Bissau had suffered in the last years from military unrest. But, as in Mali, there are concerns about US-led efforts to control more and more directly the African continent by means of the imperial military region AFRICOM.

Unlike any other state on Earth, the USA has divided the planet in military regions:

However, other than Djibouti (and a very minor and unstable presence in Egypt) the USA lacks direct military presence in the African continent. Since NATO's intervention in Libya and US-backed recent disastrous coup in Mali there has been growing speculation about the imperial maneuvers in Africa. The similitude of the circumstances in Bissau as in Bamako (coup just before elections) makes the matter even more suspicious.

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