Monday, April 9, 2012

Basque Country: Iñigo Cabacas dies of injuries caused by police unjustified violence against civilians

I had sadly to mention these last days the criminal and irrational police aggression against civilian multitudes that caused the head of Iñigo Cabacas Liceranzu (pictured) to explode because of a rubber bullet shot at short distance. 

It could have be anyone else: the irrational violence displayed by police corps authorized de facto to do as they please under their sky mask, knowing that neither tribunals nor even most of the media, all controlled by the same bourgeois mafioso gang of petty dictators, will do anything about it, knowing that whoever raises their voice for human rights and against police brutality will be dismissed as suspect of terrorism, if not directly arrested, tortured, mock-judged and jailed for a decade or two. 

It could have been anyone else in that corralled crowd but it was Iñigo. They blew his head with a rubber bullet shot and he has been fighting for his life since then. 

But not anymore: today Iñigo Cabacas died.

Neither the agent who shot, nor the police officer who directed the ill-fated operation nor the Councilor of Interior are before the judge. In fact, excepting the latter, the identity of these criminals is unknown: they hide behind the sky masks that are part of the uniform of this police corps designed to spread terror among the citizenry.

Ertzaintza dissolution now!

A homage has been called today at 19:00 where he was injured, in María Díaz de Haro street.

Sources[es]: Gara, Sare Antifaxista, Borroka garaia da!

Update: narration of a witness' testimony appeared in social networks:

I witnessed what happened on Thursday. After the football match I agreed to meet my brother and girlfriend to have a drink at the Kirruli, as we use to, and just after arrival we saw two people, both wearing Athletic shirts, wrestling each other. People nagged at them as it was time of celebration and nothing else happened. We continued discussing the match, laughing... and some 5-10 minutes later (I think) some four vans of sepoys [slang for Basque police forces], masked as a matter of course, and with the guns readied. People began crying and whistling against them because nobody understood what they were doing there, much less with that attitude. And they just began shooting indiscriminately (three of them specifically).

It must be said that the area where all happened is a narrow street and that they were shooting at head level from some 20-30 meters. People scattered around and soon (some 5 minutes later) we heard a girl asking for an ambulance. I and my brother went there and saw a person bleeding from the head. I and someone else run towards them (the black ones [the anti-riot police]) asking for an ambulance and one said "it will come". 

Not knowing what else to do we went back to the place where the body was, together with 6-7 other people, and suddenly I noticed how I was beaten with a baton on the arm and the back (from behind, while squatting). Raging I told them: "look what you have done, you have killed him" and one of them replied "that I must see myself" and hit me twice again and sent me away. The ambulance had not yet arrived, not a siren could be heard either. Besides, the police vans impeded the access of any vehicle.

The Police claims that they attended a call saying that someone was injured. If so, where was the ambulance? Why four vans full of sepoys arrived instead? Why masked armed men descended from them if they had to succor a person? How could have we been partying with a person in such a state?

From here I ask the murderer or murderers to show their faces, that their wives/husbands, sons/daughters, friends know that they have a monster, an amoral person without conscience and a happy trigger at home. I ask the responsible people (all politicians without exception) to condemn the incident and that justice be made. I ask that they take the weapons and the masks from them and that a morality test be made before they can join this shit of insecurity corps we have. Ask a why and, even if it is useless, a compensation. I want to say that I am ready to declare this wherever is needed. My telephone number is XXXXXXX.

Go Iñigo!

Update (Apr 10): Roughly a thousand people massed in and around the small plaza where Iñigo was deadly injured to pay him a small homage and show our outrage with our silence and applauses.

The killing, sadly not totally unexpected as the Basque Police has grown more and more arrogant and brutal in their behavior, has caused massive outrage. While the resignation of the Councilor of Interior of the imposed undemocratic government, R. Ares, is being demanded by many, this really does not solve the problem of a police force that is so extremely violent and inhuman and should be dissolved.

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