Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bahrain: repression around World F1 championship murders one - IAF culprit!

Formula1 Second day: a protester killed, activists arrested, dozens injured

Salah Abbas, victim of the International Automobile Association
21 April 2012

Following statements from Bahraini government officials ensuring that they would provide the safety and security of F1 racers and fans, as well as threats from the Minister of Interior of escalation against protesters, the regime has intensified the crackdown against pro-democracy protesters. Weeks before the scheduled F1, villages were raided and more than 60 activists and democracy movement leaders were arrested and tortured. Collective punishment has been worsening by the use of teargas and shotguns specifically. Dozens of injuries were reported, especially of shotgun, many of which are serious.

On the second day of F1, the dead body of 36 year old Salah Abbas Habib was found. Salah is known to be a pro-democracy activist and leader in his village Abu Saibaa. He was arrested last night by riot police alongside more than 10 others after a peaceful protest when police stormed the village. All of the arrested were released after being brutally tortured, except for Salah. His family searched for him yet they could not find him. This morning, Salah’s body was found on a roof of a building in Al Shakhoura village. Witnesses confirmed shotgun injuries and torture marks on his body.

... read the full story at Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Boycott F1!

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