Monday, April 30, 2012

Greece: more institutional fascism: concentration camp for immigrants open - Albanian murdered in cold blood with police complicity

A concentration camp for immigrants (newspeak: "closed hospitality center") has been opened by the Greek ministry of police (newspeak: "ministry of citizen protection") at Amygdaleza, a suburb of Athens, reports From the Greek Streets. 56 immigrants have already been dumped in that open air prison.

In the same entry OL-FTGS mentions how a fascist Greek drove his car against a group of immigrant workers yelling insults and threats. Other workers went to the nearby police station to report the attack but police refused to intereven or even pay any attention to them. 

Soon after the murderer returned injuring two more immigrant workers, one in the feet and another in the hip. He then pulled out of the car and shot a third worker, an Albanian man aged 53, killing him. The names of the victims or the murderer are not yet known publicly.

In a separate incident, an immigrant-smuggling truck was chased down by police at the border with Turkey eventually burning and killing the driver and two passengers. The exact details are not and may be never known.

Source: OL-FTGS.

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