Sunday, April 8, 2012

Witness narration of what happened when police broke the head of Iñigo Cabacas with a rubber bullet

It could have been anyone. But it was Iñigo Cabacas (pictured), who is struggling between life and death at hospital with most serious head injuries.

Some friends, witnesses and co-victims of the brutal police aggression tell the story:

We were in a zone of María Díaz de Haro street, several Ertzaintza vans arrived, an important deployment. Crowded and where there is no way to run because there is only one exit which is some sort of tunnel. Several of us told them that nothing happened but they moved us apart and began shooting rubber bullets. People tried to run away through there [the tunnel] but, sure, a jam was formed. 

Meanwhile the police bosses are trying to criminalize the victim and pretend that the agents were received with bottle-throwing to somehow justify their murderous irrational bully behavior. 

Three other people were arrested, allegedly for throwing objects against police or ignoring a police line. 

Sources[es]: Sare Antifaxista, Gara.

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