Monday, April 30, 2012

Fukushima birds dying fast - indirect effects as far as New Zealand

Fukushima Diary posts today the images of a small dead bird and a photo which looks like a radiography but with all the radioactive particles showing as dark spots.

The dark spots are radiactive particles, either stuck to the wings or inside the body. I believe it is a radiography (X rays) but neither source explains it well.

From the original site, with the help of Google Translator, I got the following confusing explanation:

Exposure to radio imaging in the bush warbler Autograph village Iidate

Autograph photo of the radio [radiography?] the other day, we ask from Dr. Satoshi Mori has arrived earlier.
Dead body of the nightingale I've been taken in December last year in the village Iidate.
Still had much exposure.

I used to visualize the status of the exposure of the nightingale.
Color picture of a sample.
Autograph radio is something like the X-ray photo of black and white.
Blackened for those black dots and radiation of Cs137 has gone out.
Part of the wings were attached to the surface, where the blackened parts of the belly is that radiation is from the inside of the stomach.
Seems to be concentrated in the food chain has been eaten by insects, such as contaminated.
This is spreading its wings was taken to the stomach.
Photosensitive time it took to shoot a single photo for one month.
Dr. Satoshi Mori

Iidate is in Soma district, just north of the Fukushima NPP.

Also today, Energy News mentions that the nuclear accident may have affected the number of muttonbirds in such a remote location as New Zealand. The birds make long migrations across the ocean and feed also in Japanese waters. This year there are 33% less than normal and the ones who have survived are in pretty bad condition. (See also this article at New Zealand Herald).

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