Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greece: police keeps attacking social squats

I mentioned earlier in the week, that two occupied social centers had been evicted in Exarchia, Athens and that one of them was re-occupied straight away. 

Now the Panteio social housing squat has been evicted. The Panteio is an abandoned students dormitory building that was occupied by people in need of homes, after being neglected by University authorities, who instead stole the subsidies for its restoration for years... and even the plumbing!

The building was then occupied, or rather liberated from neglect and speculation, by politically active citizens who transformed it in both a social center and a self-managed housing project.

The eviction is evaluated in the pre-electoral context of Greece marked by fascist violence, essentially by the police forces, against immigrants and the fast-growing radical left, whithout doubt the most important such political current in all Europe. 

Sources: Contra Info, OL-FTGS

The liberated building

Nazis expelled from Cretan towns

On the more positive side, groups of Neonazis from the Golden Dawn in electoral campaign have been chased out of several Cretan towns. The feeling of outrage against Nazism is particularly strong in Crete, where the German occupation forces made many massacres not so long ago.

Source: OL-FTGS.

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