Friday, April 20, 2012

Xuban Nafarrate brings video-evidence to court: he was hit with a rubber bullet too

Xuban Nafarrate, the Basque citizen who almost died after being hit with a rubber bullet shot by the Basque Autonomous Police Corps, Ertzaintza, in the context of a informative picket at a commercial center in Vitoria-Gasteiz, is bringing video-evidence to court to show that he was shot on the head with a rubber bullet from short distance.

As result of the injuries, Xuban Nafarrate was for some 15 minutes agonizing on the floor, spasming unconsciously, foam-drooling, peeing on itself, while his friend was being bullied by a Spanish Nationalist masked police agent (judging from what he said), who threatened him with hitting him on the head and mocked the injured Xuban who, in his imbecile mind, had "peed out of fear". Then this same policeman (who should be in jail or at least suspended according to all common sense, law, etc. - but nope) took a sticker from Xuban's friend's shirt and put it on his mouth, gagging him. When he came to know that Xuban studied History he idiotically ranted "he surely studies the history of ETA". 

After he was finally attended by an abulance, Xuban spent six days in hospital, some of them struggling between life and death. He was however luckier than Iñigo Cabacas, who died from a very similar police aggression barely weeks later. Aggression that has not been clarified either nor put any cop in jail. 

Source: Gara[es].

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