Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spanish Army mocks Basques by making drills in Elgeta in the exact 75th anniversary of the occupation by the Fascists

Press conference
Today 75 years ago the fascist troops took the village of Elgeta, near Eibar. A sad date we must agree, as we'd prefer that fascism would have been eradicated from Earth altogether, as the pernicious illness it is.

But for the Spanish Army (which incidentally has absolutely no Basque officers, being tacitly excluded) that seems to be another opportunity to mock and offend Basque citizens. Today they have been messing around with superfluous drills of the kind they only do to spread the feeling of invasion and occupation: we are ugly and menacing and you can't do anything about it, they seem to say with their provocative actions.

While all Spanish military presence and maneouvers, very specially inside towns, are clearly hostile and offensive, the choice of date is a clear case of aggravating insult. 

Both the Town Hall and the Provincial Government have protested. 

Sources: Gara[es], Elgeta Town Hall[eu].

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