Friday, April 27, 2012

More than 130 farmers arrested in Honduras

The class war in the fascist Honduras of Porfirio Lobo, supported by the likes of Pay Pal or the Milton Friedman mock-economists' clan in the name of "freedom" (freedom for them to rob you, beat you, kill you, they mean), continues everyday even if it does not normally make it to your TV (and that's why I do not watch almost any TV anymore).

Some 130 farmers from the Movimiento Campesino de San Manuel Cortés (MOCSAM), constituted some two years ago and organizing some thousands of farmer families from Northern Honduras, have been rounded up and arrested in a forced eviction by the forces of the Capitalist dictatorship.

The arrests happened even when the farmer movement had already abandoned the occupation of the reclaimed lands, legally under control of sugar company CAHSA.

The arrested have denounced strong pressures and threats to sign self-inculpations and have been divided in smaller groups for interrogation.

Source: LINyM[es].

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