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Fukushima: '“Within one day complete meltdown and melt through occurred' (Kenichi Omae - Nuclear Engineer))

From Energy News:

Fukushima Investigation: “Within one day complete meltdown and melt through occurred” — “There is no way that gov’t did not know this” (VIDEO) Title: Lessons Learned From Fukushima Dai-ichi (2. BWR & Interim Report. 2011. 10. 28)

Author: Kenichi Ohmae, Nuclear engineer
Date Uploaded: Mar 21, 2012
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At 59:48 in
Within one day complete meltdown and melt through occurred.
And that material fell into the containment vessel, and started a gas leak, where gas could escape.
Water also leaks. This is extremely contaminated, and it occurred within a day.
I believe this is an extremely important point.
Even after a month had passed, the government continued to say that meltdown, any meltdown has not occurred.
But as far as we have observed, Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor one has experienced meltdown as well as complete melt through within a day of the earthquake.
And another important issue is the damage to the containment vessel itself.
It was seriously damaged so that radioactively contaminated water and gas came out of the vessel.
There is no way that the government did not know this.
Even in this investigation we ourselves can see that this situation occurred within a day.
If this had not occurred, a hydrogen explosion would not have happened either.
So a complete meltdown has occurred.
Although they must have known that a melt through had occurred, the Chief Cabinet Secretary at the time insisted that it had not.
So, we are concerned if this important information was fully disclosed or not. If we walk through what had happened at reactor No 1, one by one, then what the central government said at the time seems to be much different from what we think had actually happened.
Naturally those on site knew what was occurring, so it is natural to assume that the government was also being notified.
However, both NISA and TEPCO kept saying “a meltdown has not occurred”.
So somewhere in between, the correct information could be shut off and was not being disclosed, at least to the television or press.
I believe that this point is extremely important.
Melt-down and melt-through occurred extremely early on at Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor one.
And later, reactors 2 and 3 experienced the same accidents.

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