Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Greece: Easter sailors' strike and attacks against pawn shops

OL-FTGS mentions some of the latest developments in the troubled Mediterranean country: 

On one side today sailors have begun a sectoral strike demanding decent salaries and pensions, both severely damaged by the exploitative reforms imposed by the EU-IMF imperialist gang. 

Being Orthodox Easter holidays within days and the country having so many islands, the work of sailors is simply fundamental. The illegitimate Papademos government has threatened to force them to work but it seems an impossible task that would just end, most probably, in widespread sabotages, enforcing the strike by mechanical means. 

Who builds, maintains and operates the boats? The capitalists? The cops? Don't make me laugh: if workers join forces and say "stop", it all stops.

On the other side pawnbroker shops that exploit workers' difficulties have been attacked in some Athenian neighborhoods. A communication published in Indymedia[gr] appealed to crush those who benefit from others' misery.

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