Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yet another farmer murdered in Honduras

(photo: Cris Thomas)
His name was Doninely "Adonis" López, he was negotiating the legalization of the lands he works along many others in the Bajo Aguán. He went in his motorcycle to work on April 11th when capitalist terrorists shot him six times and got him killed. 

He was 46 years old and makes the 46th person murdered by the death squads in the Bajo Aguán since the military coup of 2009. 

The main promoters of this terrorism of capitalist ideology that does not make to the first pages of newspapers nor is almost mentioned by the TV news are the illegitimate government of the usurper Porfirio Lobo and the mafioso businessmen Miguel Facussé and René Morales, who control the palm oil plantations and want to have the local peasants working for them as slaves and not free.

Source: LINyM[es] (which in this occasion has a lot of background info).

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