Saturday, April 28, 2012

Basque Country: Northern and Southern independentists join forces

In a joint presentation in Irun, the Basque-nationalist forces (to the exclusion of the always dubious conservatives of EAJ-PNV) from both South and North have signed a joint document for joint action in search of freedom.

The Basque Nationalist Left, Basque Solidarity (EA), Aralar and Alternatiba have been already working together with electoral, as well as other quite broader political goals in the South. However the northern Abertzale landscape is dominated by a different, locally-rooted, force: Abertzaleen Batasuna (AB, Patriots' Union). With this document the principles of joint action have been formally set  at national level for the first time. 

Compromise - Engagement

The signed document establishes as goals:
  1. The Basque Country as a sovereign nation within Europe
  2. Peace, civil and political rights
  3. An economic model that is sovereign, fair and ecological
  4. The construction of the Basque Country as unified entity, overcoming the imposed border
  5. Officialness and normalization of the Basque language
As principles:
  1. Human rights, including the right to decide as people
  2. Democratic plurality
  3. Equality
  4. The defense of the principle of democracy
  5. Internationalism
The short conclusion reads:
We adopt the compromise to develop a joint work based on mutual respect to materialize the goals and principles of this agreement.
The agreement can be read in Basque, Spanish and French languages (PDF format).

Source: Gara[es].

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