Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cuban exile kills himself after subsidy retrieved

Albert Santiago du Bouchet Hernández, a Cuban exile who was living from subsidies from the Spanish regime and saw them suppressed with the recent draconian cuts killed himself in Canary Islands after being faced with the harsh reality of Capitalism. 

Another exile, Juan Herrera Costa, declared months ago that he was willing to return to Cuba since he was being deprived, just like anyone else in this death camp of the European Union, of means of subsistence under the Capitalist system. 

That would not have happened to them in Cuba, where every citizen is guaranteed the basics, including home, food and healthcare. However, as Disidente del Capitalismo points out, these people were, it seems, hoping to live like rock stars out of their status of "Cuban dissidents". The reality is very different: they have to survive as any worker and that's anything but easy.

As La Polla Records sang already in the 1980s:

Come jumping over the Berlin Wall,
come to this free world smiling,
soon you will see with your tired eyes, 
our blessed freedom!

The truth: I do not know
what you come here for.
The truth I will tell you:
there's nowhere to run to!

In this paradise life sucks
what's wrong with you, kid, are you crying?
When are you going to find out
that the Wall is a lie!

Source: Disidente del Capitalismo, various TV channels.

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