Monday, April 2, 2012

Bahrain: kidnapping, torturing and raping minors in the name of Allah and Uncle Sam (BCHR)

The brutal reality of Western-supported Khalifa fascism is not suitable for sensible eyes. From Bahrain Center for Human Rights:

The child Ali AL-Singace: another victim in the series kidnapping, torture and sexual harassment by the security services

The general prosecution continues its role as dishonest opponent in hiding the torture and crimes carried out by the security services

1 April 2012

Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern on the continued cases of kidnapping and assaults on children by the security men and the secret police in Bahrain. What increases the concern is the impunity policy practiced by the Bahraini authorities to protect the human rights violators and aggressors, and helping them to escape punishment by avoiding conducting serious investigations of the incidents of abuse and with full cooperation of the public prosecution and the judiciary. Most often, the victims are children, which is a direct violation of Bahrain pledges to protect and ensure the rights of the child including the right to protection from physical assault.

On Wednesday morning 21 March 2012, Bahrain Center for Human Rights was informed about the kidnapping incident and abuse of the child Ali Abdalshaheed Al-Singace (16 years), for the third time within one month[2], after finding him by witnesses lying in one of the garages located near (Matam bin Khamis) in Sanabis area where protests regularly take place.

According to the testimony of his father, Ali Al-Singace was heading to school at about seven o’clock in the morning, when he was kidnapped from the street by a civilian car carrying 3 people, who handcuffed Ali with plastic handcuffs and beat him until he fainted.

Upon the arrival of Sayed Yousif AL-Mahafdha – BCHR’s Head of Monitoring & Follow Up– Al- Singace was still unconscious, and handcuffed, without his underwear, he was bleeding, and wounds appeared on his body; his arms, his thighs and abdominal.

After he regained consciousness, Al-Singace reported that the passengers of a black car (Nissan Tida) were members of the secret police, two of which were foreigners, and one of them was an Arab nationality. He was beaten with a knife and punched, and he was sexually harassed by removing his clothes and touching and putting a black plastic on his genitalia several times, and they were trying to sexually assault him but he resisted them[3].

The marks of abuse on the body of Al-Singace, photos were taken on 21 March 2012
This was not the first time to attack Al-Singace, but the third. He was first attacked on 16 February 2012 and was kidnapped and beaten with a knife[4] by the secret security personnel. They asked him to work with them as an informer, but he refused, as a result of his refusal, he was beaten with a knife. Besides, Bahrain center has documented several and similar cases of kidnapping over the past months.

... full story at Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

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