Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honduras: mass arrests and destruction of farms - SAB Miller culprit!

Without any court order or anything, the Honduran police, barely a mercenary appendix for the landowners and Gringo "libertarian" (= ultracapitalist fascist) colonial tyrants, have attacked and destroyed at dawn some 100 farming plots (manzanas) which were almost ripe for harvest. 

The peasants had previously taken those lots from sugar companies, which had occupied them illegally to begin with. The losses amount to five million lempiras ($250,000).

Previously, some 30 people were arrested (with plate-less vehicles) in the town of San Manuel Cortés.

All these actions are enticed by two sugar companies: Azucarera Hondureña and Azucarera del Norte, this last one property of SAB Miller beer company, which produces these brands (on their own or by license): Bavaria, Coors, Carlsberg, Guinness, Castle Lager, Dreher Classic, Tyskie, Gambrinus, Águila, Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc.

Boycott these products if you can.

Sources[es]: LINyM, Defensores en Línea.

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