Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spain: government and fake "opposition" collapse together in popular support

The government-cum-opposition duet that has structured Spain for the last decades, PSOE and PP parties, is collapsing as we speak. Both almost at the same time. While the conservative-neofascist PP stood until last elections, as soon as they took power they began suffering of the same syndrome as their predecessors: people don't forgive lack of honesty, seriousness, subservience to oligarchies local or foreign and the absolute lack of any commitment with social well being.

The result is obvious in this graphic from the latest official voting intention poll (CIS, August 6 2012):

Voting intention (two major parties)

Not only both institutional parties are collapsing at the same time but both are simultaneously reaching record figures of non-confidence. Right now the PP gets 18.2% and the PSOE 17.1%, totaling 33.3%, a situation close to the extreme case of Greece.

However, the minor parties only somewhat benefit from this collapse (mostly United Left, IU, lime in the graph below):

Voting intention (other parties)
United Left, only very roughly comparable to the Coalition of the Radical Left of Greece, is still far from its best historical levels under the leadership of outspoken Julio Anguita, who projected an image of honesty and certain radicalism.

Who really benefits from the collapse of confidence of the regime's twin party? Abstention mostly:

Voting intention: abstention (red), don't know (green), no answer (yellow), blank vote (blue)

Why? It's difficult to evaluate but I think that much of the fault belongs to a Left that is not radical enough and has an elderly, too conformist, leadership.

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