Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spain to sell up to 600 tanks to the Saudi fascist regime

Leopard 2 tanks (Germany)
As many as maybe 600 Leopard 2 tanks are what the Spanish twin party regime is planning to sell to the worst religious fundamentalist tyranny on Earth, Saudi Arabia. The last time that this fascist monarchy used the army it was to invade its small neighbor, Bahrain, and quell the peaceful citizen protests for democracy.

Previously the Saudi regime was in negotiations with Germany but in the Central European country opposition was outspoken forcing Merkel to withdraw their offer. Instead in Spain, in yet another indication of the residual situation of the democratic system, the alleged social-liberal opposition of the PSOE has quietly supported the sale.

It is however an illegal sale, because it violates the common position of the European Union on weapon sales, which members are legally bound to respect. The common position does not allow the sale to the Saudi regime because human rights are systematically violated in the purchasing state and because it is a danger for regional peace and security (intervention in Bahrain and indirectly in Iraq, Syria, etc., continuous threats to Iran, active alliance with the Zionist regime to perpetrate genocide in Gaza...)

Source: Naiz Info[es].

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