Wednesday, August 15, 2012

USA still imports probably radioactive fish products from Japan

From Fukushima Diary:

US keeps importing fishery food from Japan even after 311

Some of the east Asian countries are rejecting Japanese products to import, such as fishery products or dairy products. (cf. JP exports of dairy products dropped half since 311, HK Gov to conduct medical check for infants)

However, US is still importing fishery products from Japan as before. In May, they measured cesium even from their local bluefin tuna. It seems like fish is easier to enter America than human beings. (cf. Cesium from tuna fished in west coast of America)

The exporting charts are like below. Fishery products consist of living, and frozen products. The source is the trade statistics of Japan by Ministry of finance. [Link] (cf. Cesium from 60% of fishery products in Fukushima)

... full story with graphs at Fukushima Diary

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