Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chile: students continue fighting: 150,000 march in Santiago

Some 150,000 students marched through Santiago de Chile in response to the claim by the reactionary far-right government that the students are not backing anymore their leadership in the struggle for free education.

The protesters were not just students but also people from other sectors of society who wanted to show their solidarity, such as teachers, economists, historians and others. 

For economist Marco Kremerman, the destruction of public education in Chile is only comparable to what happened in Haiti after the earthquake. 

As result of the repression instigated by the neo-Pinochetist President Piñera two minors were sent to hospital with their legs broken by police brutality. Outside the capital, in Valparaíso and Osorno, children were arbitrarily arrested.

All universities in Chile were stopped by the student walkout yesterday, with demonstrations gathering people by the thousands also outside the capital. Being in the Southern hemisphere, now it's mid-course in Chile.

Sources[es]: El Ciudadano, LINYM

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