Monday, August 13, 2012

Egypt: the end of the Military Junta

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi ordered the retirement of all the top generals in the Egyptian Armed Forces, naming people of his preference instead. The chief of the secret services was replaced beforehand. He also annulled all the provisions added to the constitution by the Junta, provisions that curtailed the President's power and turned it to the Junta instead. 

The power to impose such a measure is not in the constitution nor the law (even if one could argue so) but in the masses who took Tahrir Square to support him in his day of action. Even Machiavelli reckoned that the support of the people was important for any prince... even if he could not conceive the fundamental importance of the popular masses in our day, able to stop a whole army just with the power of dare.

While, from a revolutionary viewpoint, this is pretty much anecdotal skirmishes between two reactionary forces: the Junta, subservient to US Imperialism and Zionist interests, and the religious reactionary party of the Muslim Brotherhood (historically akin to Hamas, i.e. "moderate islamist"), the incident is nevertheless of some historical relevance for Egypt and the overall region and is clearly a blow to US-Zionist imperialism and a reaffirmation of Egyptian sovereignty on elected civilian (albeit reactionary) hands.

Egypt has not been, I understand, so independent since Nasser. However the leadership is now extremely different in their ideology.

Update:  It is very noticeable that the new defense minister, General Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi, is already infamous in the country for his responsibility in the scandal of the "virginity tests" which some army units used to humiliate arrested women protesters in the height of the Egyptian Revolution. He is believed to have close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a clearly sexist reactionary force.

The other appointments are so far unremarkable.

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