Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Haiti: 12 citizens massacred to make room for tourism

Martelly's murderous project
The new fascist President of Haiti, Michel Martelly,  a supporter of the Duvalier clan that ruled Haiti for most of the 20h century with his horrific death squads, the Tonton Macoutes, is already murdering his people for a handful of dollars.

He designed areas of the South of the country as suitable for tourism, then he replaced the relevant elect mayors by his own appointees and finally he ordered the eviction of the families living where he plans to erect the new tourism facility. 

The authorities imposed on the inhabitants pathetic compensations of just $1160, not enough to buy a farm elsewhere, so they resisted with all they could.

And they were murdered.

Four children and eight adults were murdered by Martelly's forces. Among the dead are: Desire Enoz (32), Nicolas David (28), Robinson Volcin (22), Desire Aleis (18). The corpses of the children have been hidden. 

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