Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fascist Sudan wants to murder citizen for (allegedly) exerting her sexual freedom

Once again we are faced with the horror of religious fascism, in this case in Sudan, where a young woman, Layla Ibrahim Issa Jumul, 23, has been sentenced to death by stoning (without any evidence except her confession) for allegedly having free sexual relations outside marriage. 

The horror of the Patriarchal intolerance promoted by Saudi Arabia and Iran all around the World in their large but ultimately limited Muslim sectarian ghetto cannot simply be accepted. 

Weapons for women where they are oppressed because nobody will give you freedom: you must take it!

Free Layla! Because all people, women specially, have the full right to decide who they lay with and when. No father, brother or god should ever interfere in the free will of the people!

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