Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moruroa atoll risks collapse: would cause radioactive tsunami

One of the nuclear tests at Moruroa
For those old enough to remember the 1980s or even earlier decades, the name Moruroa (also spelled Murorua, Mururoa, Mururua) should clearly evoke images of nuclear tests, Greenpeace campaigns and the French terrorist attack against the Rainbow Warrior, killing eco-pacifist photographer, Fernando Pereira. 

Eventually the nuclear testing was stopped (1995) but the very structure of the atoll was left damaged and extremely radioactive. 

Now Murorua e Tatou, citing a leaked report from the French Ministry of Defense (March 2010), says that the atoll may well collapse, causing a tsunami as much as 15 m tall bringing huge loads of French-made plutonium and other radioactive materials all around the Pacific Ocean.

Source and more details: ABC News (h/t Ex-SKF).

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