Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growing numbers in the Workers March that shatters Andalusia and Spain

Cádiz welcomed the Workers' March
In spite of the protests of the rotten paladins of private property and the stinky fascist right, the reality is that the symbolic but also real expropiations of supermarkets, occupations of banks and palaces and farmlands that is promoting the Andalusian Workers' Union (SAT) along with sympathizers in Andalusia, Extremadura and elsewhere, are being compared with Gandhi and Rosa Parks, who smashed the status quo with their active (never passive) disobedience and nonviolent uprising. 

Then it was the colonialist imposition, the despicable apartheid... now it is private property itself. We are getting closer to the essence of the problem.

They began taking public lands for the landless peasants, expropriating food at supermarkets for the have-nothings, invading the palace of a member of the royal family and taking a refreshing bath at the swimming pool, symbolically occupying an office of La Caixa bank, and everyday marching under the merciless sun of August in Andalusia against the international debt, against foreclosures, against the impunity of banksters and the other robber barons, for the agrarian reform and very specially for a basic income for all. 

Today they arrived to Cádiz, where tens of thousands went to the streets to welcome and share a moment with the people who are becoming the strange attractor of the Euro-chaos in the Southwestern corner of the subcontinental geography.

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