Friday, August 31, 2012

South Africa: Zuma goes totally mad and charges miner survivors of "murder"

I never liked Jacob Zuma and now much less. He rose to power with a pseudo-lefty rhetoric and the support of the historical COSATU union but he's clearly a reactionary and his polygamous marriage and likely rapes are just a symptom of a most selfish personality who has regard for nobody, unless holding strong power (like the European-owned mining multinationals). 

The Marikana massacre is just the natural outcome of having that madman in power. But Zuma is surely just representative of how reactionary the ANC as a whole has become in the end.

Now the South African authorities are charging the few lucky survivors of the massacre with murder, go figure! The "logic", if any, behind it is the use of laws inherited from the Apartheid regime.

South Africa needs urgently a serious opposition by the left to the ANC and it needs such opposition to take power. The Marikana massacre and everything surrounding it has made it obvious.

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