Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Athens: police heroin mafiosi shoot anarchists trying to expel dealers

Cops to anarchist vigilantes against drug trade: it is us who are in control of heroin, you have no idea what you got yourselves into.

From Occupied London - From the Greek Streets (bold type is mine):

Police fire bullets in Exarcheia

At approximately 16.50 on Saturday, August 25, a group of people tried to push away a couple of heroin dealers or users (still unclear) at the corner of Stournari Street and Kannigos Str, in Exarcheia. Some background to how this happened: The “unofficial” (but wholly sanctioned by the police) heroin trading spot has recently moved outside the Stournari gate of the Athens Polytechnic. In response, groups of anarchists and others have chosen the ambivalent tactic of forcibly moving dealers and users out of the area

This time round, the two dealers or users (as said, still unclear, with reports differing) called the police. In a few minutes, two motorcycles of the ZITA force appeared, chasing the group up to Exarcheia square. They snatched the last person in the group, and, according to an indymedia report they told them, “it is us who are in control of heroin, you have no idea what you got yourselves into”. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the group had reached Exarcheia square and joined by many others at the square, returned to attack the three delta motorcycles. In response, one of the ZITA police took out his gun and shot three times up, diagonally from the crowd. He then pointed his gun toward the crowd without shooting. The person who had at that time been detained by the police was freed. However, moments later, tens of DELTA and DIAS motorcycle police flooded Exarcheia square detaining and eventually arresting at least three people

So that's how it is in the end: police fascist drug-trafficking mafiosi threaten and arrest self-defense citizen groups. Democracy my ass!

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