Friday, August 24, 2012

Navarrese Parliament: elects' sit-in for ill prisoners

The chain of protests for the liberation of terminally ill Basque prisoners continues. Now it is members of the Navarrese Parliament, belonging to Bildu and Nafarroa Bai!, who have initiated a sit-in within the walls of which is arguably the oldest elect parliament of all Europe. 

The seven deputies belong to political coalitions controlling 2/5 of the Navarrese Parliament. They are: Bakartxo Ruiz, Victor Rubio, Bikendi Barea, Aitziber Sarasola, Txentxo Jiménez, Asun Fernández de Garaialde  and Xabi Lasa. 

In the press conference, they have emphasized that this is a conflict that fully affects Navarre and the Navarrese political institutions, and that they hope with these actions to force these to take a more proactive role in defense of the rights of Basque prisoners. 

They have also denounced the prohibition (once again) of the national solidarity demonstration to be held today in Bilbao (instead there was occupation of the Eliptic Plaza) and have positioned themselves in support of all ongoing protests, such as the weekend fasts to be held in all four Southern Basque capitals. 

Source: Ateak Ireki[es].

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