Monday, August 6, 2012

CIA: most notorious terrorist organization (must-watch short video)

According to Ted Gundersen, former Station Chief of the FBI in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis, the CIA is not just behind Al Qaeda, as we know, but also behind most of the terrorism in the World:

Why? Mostly these reasons:
  • Internally (in the USA and other core areas of The Empire): demolish civil and human rights and impose a permanent state of emergency, a police state.
  • Justify military interventions (i.e. Afghanistan, etc.)
  • Divide along sectarian lines by mean of hard to forget and forgive pointless brutal massacres (i.e. post-invasion Iraq, etc.)
The video offered here is from years ago (posted at YouTube in 2009 but looks even older). There are more recent online videos of Gundersen retelling his story but they are much longer, so I decided not to post. Also I find the content of this one particularly interesting because it dwells mostly on stuff that happened before 2001 (1993 WTC bombing, 1995 Oklahoma attack), revealing that the institutional conspiracy to demolish civil and human rights in the name of the "war on terror" had been planned since at least the Reagan and Bush Sr. presidential terms (let's not forget that Bush Sr. was once a CIA Director himself). 

Although the murderous pantomime continued under Clinton (and now with Obama) it is important to notice that the 104th US Congress that passed the first antiterrorist legislation (mentioned in the video) had a Republican majority and that it was not until a new Republican President (Bush' son incidentally) that the terrorist sockpuppeteering plan was retaken in full. Even if I do not believe in the twin party false democracy, let's admit that the Republicans are much more hawkish and ruthless.

Main source and more info: Naked Capitalism.

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