Thursday, August 9, 2012

35 Basque prisoners begin hunger strike in solidarity with Josu Uribetxeberria

It has just been known that some 35 Basque political prisoners in Fresnes (men), Villefranche sur Sâone, Sevilla II and Castelló II,  have initiated a hunger strike in solidarity with terminally ill Josu Uribetxeberria, also in hunger strike himself, whose humanitarian release we all demand immediately.

According to law and jurisprudence issued by the European Court of Human Rights, to which Spain is legally bound, Uribetxeberria should have been released years ago. While banksters like Rato and their fascist acolytes like Aguirre or Camps remain at large, wealthy and even holding the reigns of power in some cases, Basque freedom fighters are applied the death penalty with lengthy torture, no matter all the peace initiatives ETA takes or the ridiculous bowing to pay homage to Capitalist victims of ETA that some alleged Basque patriots are bowing to. 

It is the world upside down. Enough: there's no such thing as a unilateral peace and there's no peace without dignity, that has a different name: slavery and genocide.

Source: Ateak Ireki[eu].

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