Thursday, August 23, 2012

South African miner strike extends - symptom of widespread discontent

The Marikana massacre has only caused working class struggle to grow: two other platinum mines have been closed by walkouts and this may well be just a symptom of much wider problems. From Al Jazeera:

Thandi Modise, premier of North West Province where the platinum mines are located, warned on Tuesday that the protests may spread further if authorities don't deal with the massive and growing inequality gap that has many South Africans feeling they have not benefited in the 18 years since black majority rule replaced a racist white minority government.

Unlike North African states last year but like many European ones, the obvious problem in South Africa is not formal democracy or freedom of speech... it is real democracy: economic democracy by which the People and not just some oligarchic bloodsuckers controls the economy for our own benefit. 

This one is the revolution that has yet to be made: to put the economy under direct democratic control by the People and for the People.

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