Monday, August 13, 2012

Greece: Golden Dawn office set alight

From Occupied London - From the Greek Streets:

Office of neo-nazi Golden Dawn in Pagrati, central Athens set alight with petrol


The office of the neo-nazi gang Golden Dawn (as of recently also represented in parliament) in the central Athenian neighbourhood of Pagrati was set ablaze on August 13, with two small petrol tanks. The neo-nazi gang is openly advocating violence against all migrants, homosexuals and leftists/anarchists. Its members have participated in scores of such attacks and they are the prime suspects for the assassination of a young Iraqi national in Athens on August 12.

According to the Union of Migrant workers, more than 500 migrants have been hospitalised in recent months after being attacked with clubs and knuckledusters. The perpetrators enjoy some unparalleled immunity; more than 1 in 2 members of the police force voted for Golden Dawn in both recent elections.

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