Sunday, August 12, 2012

Contaminated Japanese vehicles and spare parts exported to Russia

This is how you destroy the reputation and the economy of an exporting country: pretending everything is fine when it is not.

On 7/27/2012, Ria Novosti reported radioactive contaminated cars from Japan were seized by Russian custom at Korsakov port in the south part of Sakhalin.

High level of radiation was measured from the body of a micro bus, cabin of a truck, and “Demio” of Matsuda. It was 2.5 times higher than back ground (0.15 ~ 0.18 μSv/h).
They are still loaded in the liner.

Additionally, on 8/10/2012, the public relations section of the custom office in Sakhalin announced 2 cars and repair parts loaded on the ship from Japan were seized for radioactive contamination again.

Those cars were exported for individuals, repair parts were purchased by a private company in Sakhalin.

They measured gamma ray twice as back ground like before. The nuclide is reported to be Cs-137.

The contaminated parts were sent to Russian consumption supervision agency for analysis. Until they make countermeasures, the cars and repair parts are kept in the ship again.

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