Thursday, August 9, 2012

Terminally ill ETA prisoner in hunger strike for his release

Josu Uribetxeberria was recently moved to a Hospital in San Sebastian because he is dying of a terminal illness. There are a number of other similar cases but this is the most outstanding right now. 

Yesterday he initiated a hunger strike for his own humanitarian release, so he can die within his loved ones. 

There are protests in the streets every day for that reason. Another comparable case is that of Josu Erro, moved to Pamplona so he can visit his dying mother. In his case the protests demand that he is not deported again. 

Of course, unspeakably, all those potential gestures by the Neo-Fascist Kingdom of Spain, could weight towards a success of the snail-paced, and every day more questioned, unilateral peace process. But, regardless, it's a matter of human rights and the rights of Basque fighters nonetheless, who have given much of their lives for the hope of our collective freedom as people, regardless on whether you agree with their methods or not. 

Source: Ateak Ireki[eu/es] (several different entries).

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