Saturday, August 18, 2012

Currin: "set free all severely ill prisoners"

Protest today in Bilbao
South African attorney Brian Currin asked the Spanish government to set free all severely ill Basque prisoners immediately and, in general, to take decisive steps in favor of peace and reconciliation.

Spain agreed on Friday to concede the "third degree" (partial prison regime) to Uribetxeberria but he is still in full prison regime at hospital while an appeal is processed. He is only one of a dozen Basque prisoners who should be at home if only for humanitarian reasons because they have terminal illnesses. 

The national march called for today had to be suspended after the Spanish tribunals banned it on grounds of supposed "support of terrorism". Instead a more modest protest act took place in the morning under tight police surveillance. 

As you may know Uribetexeberria and hundred other prisoners are in hunger strike of other kinds of protests in the prisoner diaspora through most Southwestern Europe, where they have been scattered by the Neo-Roman imperialist states.

And these are the latest news of the most unlikely unilateral Basque peace process.

Sources: Naiz Info (link 1, link 2).

Update: the local fiestasbegin tonight and guess what: a police helicopter is hovering over our heads. But that here is "normal"... go figure!

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