Friday, August 3, 2012

Olypic Fascism!

Many "Spanish" athletes at the Olympics are actually Basque, it was the case or most judo fighters and also of Maialen Chorraut, who competes at canoing. Her friends showed up a Basque banner and they were forced to remove it by Olympic thugs. 

A similar case happened with Australian boxer Damien Hopper who wore a shirt with the flag of the Australian Aborigines, being expressly forbidden by the Olympic dictators to do again. 

However, Zionist racist flags all and more. While Apartheid South Africa was banned from the Olypic games for decades for not allowing equal opportunities to all nationals, Israel who have dumped most natives into the Gaza Strip concentration camp, denying them any recognition, is allowed to do as they please. 

Shame on the Olympic Games!

Source: Borroka garaia da![es].

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