Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crack seals the destiny of Flemish nuclear reactor

Which energy source is safer?
One of the four nuclear reactors at Doel Nuclear Power Plant, near Antwerpen, will have to be closed forever because the crack in the reactor vessel is impossible to repair. 

A second nuclear reactor may also be closed because of similar reasons at the Tihange power plant near Liege (Wallonia). These are the two only meaningful nuclear power plants in the Kingdom of Belgium. 

The Dutch firm, Rotterdam Drydocks, that made the vessels is out of business, which has amplified concerns about others it delivered in Europe and in the Americas.

Spain has indicated it has two reactors in the same bracket, Switzerland and Sweden one each.

Representatives of nuclear safety bodies from all the countries involved will meet in Brussels on August 16 to "exchange information," the AFCN said.

Sources: France 24, Ex-SKF

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