Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Argentina: where Monsanto has license to kill

As you may know, pseudo-leftist developist governments like those of Brazil or Argentina are among the ones more corrupted by the bioterrorist business of Monsanto and the other GMO mafiosi.  Their star product is transgenic soy, which has been massively planted through much of Argentina and Brazil. 

This alleged high-production brand bases all its power in a gene that makes it immune to the pesticide Roundup, trade-marked and sold by the North American multinational itself. 

Sadly we, humans, do not have the immunity gene and are getting sick, literally poisoned as collateral damage, by the agricultural mafiosi, their godfather Monsanto and their facilitator President Cristina Fernández and her populist Justicialist Party (Peronist). 

Since the infamous agrobusiness began, more and more people are getting sick because of the pollution caused by the Roundup pesticide, which is sprayed from airplanes without consideration for anyone.  The citizens get malformations, cancers, leukemia, lupus, spontaneous abortions, cleft palate, etc. as result of the contamination, the ranchers, Monsanto and the Kirchnerist opportunist caste get the money. 

Protest in Córdoba against GMO farming

But of course the conflict does not only cause poisoning, it also kills in more direct ways, with bullets and other brutal methods. Ranchers' death squads have murdered the following people only in the last years:
  • Javier Chocobar, shot down by corrupt police officers at the service of a businessman wanting to appropriate a quarry inside communal lands, October 12th 2009 in Chuchagasta (Tucumán).
  • Sandra Juárez, 33, mother of two, killed by a bulldozer in a civil resistance action on March 13th 2010 in San Nicolás (Santiago del Estero).
  • Roberto López, member of the Potae Napocna Navogoh community (La Primavera, Formosa), shot down by policemen on November 23rd 2010.
  • Cristian Ferreyra, 23, activist of the Movimiento Campesino Santiago del Estero, murdered on Novemeber 16th 2011 at San Antonio.

Personally I try not to eat any soy nor maize not certified as organic, I carefully read ingredient labels when buying foodstuff like sausages, which are typically made of soy, but it's obviously not enough.

Source: La Voz[es].

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