Friday, August 17, 2012

Mallorca: Nazi German tourists attack African street sellers

A large street fight broke out some days ago in Palma de Mallorca (Majorca, Catalan Countries) when a group of Nazi tourists from Germany insulted and attacked some African street sellers. The African community responded in kind and a fight ensued:

Ironically enough the locals remained neutral as if racism was not their problem. Similarly, when police arrived none of the German Nazis were arrested (Africans run away).


  1. How do you know it was the Germans who started the fight or the insults? Is there some other source?

  2. Cause I watched the story first on TV and only later mentioned it here. The first victims were street sellers and they were for being black.

    Not all Germans are Nazis but some are.

  3. Spanish media is often ambiguous - let's not forget that, just like so many South American states, Spain was a dedicated refuge for nazis and allies (like my own grandfather who was a runaway Italian fascist) and there is growing anti-immigrant racism, specially in the media which is "so free" that it is 99.99% right wing. But there are media that report properly on the growing nazism of German and Polish "tourists" in Mallorca: (in the same "calle del Jamón")

    But it is extremely clear that the African community has nothing to gain attacking tourists or getting in any trouble because of their most difficult legal and sociological status. If they do that it's only as a self-defense need.


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