Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Galician Resistance claims two bomb attacks against telecommunication sites

As I briefly mentioned in the update of the previous post, there is a new armed guerrilla in Galicia, which goes by the name of Resistência Galega (Galician Resistance). They have just claimed two attacks with bombs against TV antennae in Vigo. 

Source: La Haine[gal/es].

Watch it because with the growing discontent for the crisis and the related abuses of Global Capitalism, I can only imagine that these kind of small guerrillas will proliferate. There was already one in Greece that even attacked a minister with a parcel-bomb, some Italian anarchist group also claimed a comeback although they have not been very active yet, and now this in Galicia (which was preceded by attacks against unemployment offices and cash machines last year). 

Deep discontent plagues Europe (whoa, this sentence just reminded me of the Communist Manifesto!) so every kind of resistance violent or nonviolent, minoritary or with vast popular support should be expected to flourish like mushrooms in the next years, months, weeks, days... right now possibly.

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