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The Revolution won't be televised... but nobody said anything about Internet video (review of the ongoing revolutions' last few days)

With the death of Gil Scott-Heron on Friday there's been a number of little homages around the Net. One of them is from Jews sans frontieres, who choose his song The Revolution Won't Be Televised for their remembrance:

That was the 70s however. Today the Revolution may still not being mostly televised but it's indeed video-taped and published online. Most of the news that follow do have their corresponding video... The Revolution may indeed be filmed in video.

I'm not sure if you prefer terms as widespread unrest or whatever but in my opinion there is a Revolution going on worldwide, even if it is still in its early stages and will need some time and evolution before it can produce fruits.

But there are angry peoples nearly everywhere, challenging nearly everything, and this is only a small sample:

Honduras: the People goes out to welcome Manuel Zelaya (the last elect President with any legitimacy) upon his return. No video but plenty of photos at LINYM[es]:


Peru: massive demonstration against Fujimori and daughter (who runs for the presidency now), demanding punishment for the criminals of his ilk:

Source: LINYM[es].

Georgia: the protests against that waste of mafioso president Sakhasvili continue even harder in spite of brutal repression. Russia Today (via PO):

Syria: The dictatorship displayed tanks and machine-guns again through several cities. As result, today at least one person was killed and many others injured by such military aggression at Talibiseh, near Homs. Also in Rastan, several people were murdered by the Army along the week. (Source: Gara[es]).

Also Al Jazeera has another version of the same story (in English this time), including a video.

The death toll in the West Asian country has reached by now the thousand victims, it seems, making it the bloodiest revolution (or more precisely: counter-revolutionary repression) in all the region.

Bahrain: demonstrations seem to begin again in the small Arab Emirate (video found at PO):

Yemen: Police killed today at least three more demonstrators and injured maybe 90 others in Taiz, the heart of the Yemeni Revolution, when they demanded the liberation of an arrested comrade (from Gara[es]).

This video (found at PO) shows protesters striking back at riot police and taking their shields and weapons:

Al Jazeera also tells the story of Kamal Sharaf, a cartoonist who dared to denounce the many crimes of the USA and Saleh against the Yemeni People and was therefore arrested and tortured.

Egypt: the Revolution continues (video from Press TV, found at PO):

There's an interesting remark by an Egyptian citizen: if the USA wants to interfere in Egyptian affairs, they should give Egyptians the right to vote in US elections as well.  Very well put.

Russia: more than 40 arrested in Gay Rights demo.

Being different is still a serious issue in many countries, including Russia. The neofascist regime of that country has attacked the protests organized by the LGTB movement of Russia at Alexander Gardens, Manezh Plaza, Tverskaya Street (by the City Hall) and the Red Square, arresting 40.

Not all the arrested are LGTB demonstrators (some seem to be neonazis and Christian fundamentalists) but the police action was directed mostly at quelling the protests for the right of homosexuals.

Video of nazi attack against Gay protesters (and how they get away, no matter what the narrator says), low quality video of police attack against a small committee of three people who appear to be carrying a letter to the authorities (never reached destiny).

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].


As I mentioned on Friday, Greeks have taken to occupy Syntagma Plaza, posing an even greater challenge to the global bankster mafia and their vassals in the Greek government. As you may know, the EU-IMF tandem demands the sell off of the Greek state (including even islands!) in order to pay the debt off, all spiced with massive salary, pension and rights reductions.

I am every day more persuaded that they are going to get nothing but a painful punch on their Pinocchio noses.

Video above found at PO (dated May 25).

And last but not least the state of Spain, with emphasis in Catalonia, where regional police attempted a crackdown in Barcelona on Friday, achieving nothing but a reinforcement of the protests.

The crackdown by the Mossos de Escuadra (Catalan police), videos found via PO:

And the taking back by the Catalan People:

In Madrid, where the protests continue, as in most towns of the peninsula, Tania Gálvez (blog Las Interferencias) brings us some videos of some interest:

For example, here a former expatriate in Tunisia, Ainara, discusses (in Spanish) the connections and the differences between Tunisia and Spain:

Also Democracy Now! discusses the Spanish protests in some depth.

And at Ateak Ireki there is a quite nice photo album from the last few days of the camp at Pamplona.

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