Friday, May 20, 2011

I come from the plaza and there were several thousands debating and voting...

Just a quick count admittedly. Less than is possible many more than two days ago, when it was empty and only a few home-made banners remained.

I'm talking of Bilbao, my hometown...

Of course I have seen much largerprotests here but I doubt I have seen larger assemblies discussing and voting. Do not ask me what they discussed: the megaphones were poor quality and it was hard to understand.

There is a legal issue tonight because, according to Spanish electoral law, no campaign acts can take place either in election day (Sunday) or the day before (meditation day). These are not campaign acts (Judges for Democracy support their right to protest according to law and judiciary precedents) but the Spanish electoral tribunal has forbidden the protests anyhow.

So from midnight on the police forces can appear and break the protests at any moment. Protesters, as far as I can tell remain defiant everywhere and plan to stay till election day no matter what.

Support from Japan too
Yes, believe it or not this May 2011 is getting global, at least a bit. Look at the map of reported camps: it's a mixture of expatriate Spaniards proposing the weirdest locations to camp out  (Kremlin, Beijing, Washington D.C., Trondheim, Bogotá, Chennai, Istanbul...) and real local activities taking place in other states like Italy (#italianrevolution, check also #frenchrevolution, #greekrevolution, #englishrevolution, #germanrevolution and who knows what), either in support of the Spanish protesters or to air their own grievances, which are not few. 

Nothing but few nights butterfly maybe, lacking a program and organization other than a spontaneous one but still worth it, I guess. After all, if you have all the chances of being unemployed or terribly underemployed tomorrow as today, of not having access to a home tomorrow as today... what do you have to lose? Not much.

It is interesting, appealing and extremely subversive.

A video I found from Milan:

Hmmm... on second thought it could easily go global this time. The grievances are pretty much the same here and in Michigan, you know: lack of real democracy (all the real power in the hands of the corporations, almost no power in the hands of the People), no jobs, no homes, awful environmental management...


Uh? Caramba!
See also Sol.TV live (it doesn't work in my computer) and contents in YouTube and Vimeo.

Police forces could be planning to charge against the protest right at 00:00, including obstructing all communications (mobile phone, wi fi, etc.), reports Tercera Información.

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