Monday, May 9, 2011

Andalusian antifascists framed up

Andalusian antifascists denounce a frame-up by police and fascists by which 16 citizens of Málaga have been denounced as alleged authors of an attack against fascists without any clear evidence. 

The facts are:

Feb 7: a group of nazi skinheads was allegedly attacked by some ten unidentified people.

Police invited them to identify their alleged aggressors in an illegal archive of political nature. 16 antifascists where that way accused - none of them had any sort of criminal antecedents. 

The 16 were arrested and kept in police dungeons for more than the 72 hours allowed by law (except when "terrorism" is invoked, which was not the case).

In that time police put pressure on relatives and friends of the arrested, causing some of them to open their eyes for the first time about the true nature of Spanish "democracy".

Police accused all arrested of tumultuous fight with result of severe injuries and aggravations of illicit association and ideological motivation. 

The illegal association would be the local RASH (Red & Anarchist Skinheads), which does not seem to fill the requirements to be an association (and hence illicit) and to which many of the arrested did not even belong to. 

The physical evidence found in the homes of the accused: some pocket knives, a broken slingshot, t-shirts, stickers, fanzines... Nowhere to be found the baseball bats and brass knuckles involved in the supposed attack.

Cop by day, Nazi at night?
In the following months the police persecution of Malagueño antifascists has increased. 

When the judicial procedure went open it became obvious that the judges were very unhappy about the lack of evidence and the feebleness of the accusations. 

However the connections between Nazis and police forces has become quite obvious... again. 

The Antifascist Movement of Málaga and solidarious people from elsewhere keep demanding the acquittal of the arrested. 

Source: Málaga 16 blog[es].

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