Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thousands demonstrate in Elgoibar for Otegi's freedom

Thousands of Basque citizens from several political currents have demonstrated in the hometown of Arnaldo Otegi, Elgoibar, to demand his freedom and in general the right to do politics. 

Free Arnaldo, free politics. For the right to do politics of the Basque Country.

Arnaldo Otegi and other leaders of the Basque Nationalist Left are imprisoned (preventively) and scattered around Spanish jails on a string of political trials. Their lack of freedom is iconic for the lack of freedom of Basques now that municipal elections are around the corner and it seems that every other electoral list will be declared illegal again (with pretexts such as having attended an independentist act in the 1970s or having acted as electoral supervisor in the 1980s). 

Sources[es]: Sare Antifaxista, Gara - also more photos here.

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