Thursday, May 19, 2011

Protests continue across Spain as elections approach

I am reproducing here the first page of today's Público newspaper, because it is a curious collection of the slogans of this May 2011:

Click to expand... or get the original one (PDF)

The slogans are from left to right and top to bottom:


SOL-ution Plaza [because of the Puerta or Plaza del Sol]

Your future is now!

To want is to can [Spanish saying] and now we want CHANGE

It is unjust to be two years underemployed (for all the 300-euro-ists)


United by common sense

Can one camp several days to watch Hanna Montana but not to defend our rights?

Their crisis-scam breaks social peace NOT THIS WAY

Fuck the system [in English originally]

Hands up: this is a contract!

We are people for people


Much chorizo [slang for thief, also a meat preserve], too little bread

Violence is to earn €600 [monthly]

We will not be shut up!

Few bread, awful circus!

[For?] your future, fight!

No more fraud mortgages. You get my home and I owe you nothing [Spanish law allows banks to demand payment of mortgage debt even after foreclosure - believe it or not... it's true]

We are the fucking change!

From the Puerta del Sol... No nos moverán! [They won't move us - cry better known in the original Spanish, as it's a Civil War antifascist cry]

Thousands, millions tomorrow... a democracy without corrupts

We are not anti-system, we are system changers

We are not all, the prisoners are missing! No more police setups! Acquittal! [A reference to the arrested ones]

Violence is not to be able to meet ends

More jobs people

Público newspaper also has a quite decent photo gallery of the latest protests, which seem widespread (hard to confirm sometimes because most media are ignoring them). Some of them:

Air view of Puerta del Sol (Madrid)
Reform of the electoral law (above)
Spanish Revolution: we have Sol, now the Moon!

System Error!
Your life is today

As I said, the Spanish May has reached to the Basque Country somewhat, specially to Navarre, where there were protests today as well. Photogallery at Ateak Ireki.

A few people also gathered in Bilbao again. Gara has a photogallery:

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