Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama's death... for real?

I write this while I eat some haram pork sausages with halal Moroccan sauce, a curious combination that is sure to grant me at the same time the lowest levels of Hell and the highest ranks in Paradise. Do I care? Not at all.

According to the latest reports from the Pentagon, 007-series ultra-villain Goldfinger... oops, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed in some remote area of Pakistan. Do I care? Not too much (I should be writing on May Day celebrations worldwide, though admittedly I have yet to find anything worth reporting), however I have massive doubts. 

Doubt number one: was he a genuine super-villain or just a psy-op star (do they give oscars for that?) This is not really a true doubt because I have very clear that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA and that Osama was once known as the man of the CIA in Afghanistan. More so, I have also clear that Al Qaeda was eventually run as a sock-puppet villain group to generate pretexts for US imperialism and for the proclamation of emergency decrees within the USA and other countries.

Al Qaeda, let's face it, was (is?) the perfect Hollywoodian foe: provided of an incommunicable exotic and fanatic ideology unable to connect outside the Muslim ghetto (a large but poor and anyhow limited ghetto) and a right-wing reactionary powerless ideology anyhow. With or without their knowledge and participation they were attributed the most villanous (in the US one-sided worldview, Fallujah was much worse in fact) attack ever since Nagasaki... oops, since Pear Harbor (we all know that sinking US warships is much worse than flattening a whole city and murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians in a mad nuclear experiment, right?)

I have little doubt that the 9-11 attacks were orchestrated by the Pentagon (and who else?) as an insider job to get a pretext to invade Afghanistan and (quite unlikely) Iraq. They were intended to rally the country and the whole Empire behind such imperialist adventures, however they have created a crisis of trust in the mid run. So maybe it's about time of dropping the whole scheme - and getting Osama officially killed may be a way to do it. 

Also notice that wannabe Emperor Gral. Petraeus has been ranked up as CIA Director, yet he had not delivered in Afghanistan... this may be a way to pretend he has won - and move on.

Doubt number two: was he still alive? The USA had several opportunities to get him and his family in 2001, yet Washington aborted all such operations. Even French snippers had him in range and were never authorized to shoot. 

I will therefore assume that he was alive, even though rumors of his illness or death had been popping up once and again... 

Doubt number three: was he still in charge of anything? 

The fact that it was not Bin Laden but his sidekick who taped all videos (and in some cases a pathetic imitation of him was done and pretended to be true by the US authorities, even if it was so obviously false) did not only stir up doubts on Bin Laden's survival but also on his real power and role. Why did not the Caliph (as some thought of him) spoke his own fatwas and communications? 

Was maybe Osama retired in some Bahamas' resort, was he forcibly retired because he was unwilling to play the role assigned to him? 

Doubt number four: has he really been killed tonight? Or is it just another psy-op?

We must see the corpse and identify it without doubt before we believe after so many lies. Independent forsenic and genetic analysis would not be in excess and by independent I mean by someone who is not licking the Pentagon's boots all the time, maybe a Venezuelan or Cuban? I do not even trust the stand of Beijing or Moscow anymore, specially since they have been backing Washington so much in the last months.

I will be hard to convince admittedly. But you can't blame me after so many lies and deceit. 

Next: gallery of Hollywood/Pentagon super-villains.

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