Friday, May 6, 2011

Dangerously radioactive Japanese cargo admitted at Rotterdam

Source: The Straits Times (via Energy News).

The most dangerous matter is not just the radioactive levels but the fact that customs authorities allowed the cargo in (after "decontamination") pretending that the radiation levels were 10 times smaller than detected by private means.

First Safety, a private company in charge of checking this kind of issues, measured an average of 40 Bq and as much as 200 Bq in spots. Dutch customs officers reduced these figures by almost ten times, claiming only 6 Bq on average and 33 Bq as peak measure.

The highest admitted measure is 4 Bq as peak, so the container should have been returned to Japan, however it was allowed to enter the European Union after alleged "decontamination".

The content and destination of the toxic cargo is not known to me at the moment, only that it was sent to "a Dutch importer.

I can't but denounce as extremely irresponsible and probably criminal this irregularity and hope that the responsible officers are sent to jail for this attack against the health of all EU citizens.

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