Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike for 72 days in danger

Mapuche flag
I did not know until today of this new hunger strike of Mapuche prisoners, again for reason of being judged under the infamous anti-terrorist law. They claim to be judged under normal law by a normal impartial tribunal. 

The striking prisoners are four and one of them, Ramón Llanquileo, is in serious condition according to physicians. 

They were recently moved from the prison of Angol (in the Mapuche Country) to Santiago. 

Source: Gara[es].

Last year a large number of Mapuche prisoners carried on another hunger strike for the same reasons, achieving their goals. However the anti-terrorist law remains in effect. 

The Mapuche nation was de facto independent until 1883, when Chile conquered the country also known as Araucania. Today they struggle for self-rule but specially for the return of the lands robbed to their communities.

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